UM425IA - Charging issues.

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: On Battery
  3. Model: UM425IA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Random
  5. Reset OS: Several Times
  6. Screenshot or video: not interesting for the case


Detailed description : I have one UM425IA, more a less 4 months . it have already an exchanged battery from Asus. Now it stops to charge, randomly, not at 20% not at 50% when he wants. I already update the BIOS from one , that is not available from the APP MyAsus, but is on the website. The Asus operator told me that will solve my issue. The Bios version is this one : Version 307 of 2020/10/23 .

The weird thing is when i go to msinfo.exe it shows me that the bios version is : BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. UX425IA.307, 16/09/2020....

I updated my bios with Bios EZ Utility, cause with windows, the computer don't update.

In Bios i don't know where to look at the bios model ( to check if it was real applied )

I am so sick of the behavior of the computer.

Asus rarely answers to my emails, and i have to call to support line, but they don't know what to do more.

But i am loosing warranty time, with a notebook that might are experiencing hardware issues.

I wish it was something from software or bios, but i reinstalled OS and nothing different happens.



  • Hello vasco,

    If the problem is battery stop charging radomly, the issue might be the adapter or the motherboard, instead of the battery.

    May you run the diagnostic tool in MyASUS to firstly check if there is any error?

    And if you switch different battery mode, does it make a difference?

    Thank you.

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