Refurbished Device Received in Flipkart Republic Day Sale

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ROG Phone 3 (ZS661KS)
  2. Firmware Version: QKQ1.200419.002.WW_Phone-17.0823.2012.131
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: N/A
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): N/A

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hi Asus Team,

I had purchased my phone in the recent Flipkart Republic Day Sale (received on Jan 20' 2021) - Import Month & Year - Sep' 20. Upon unboxing (Yes, I do have an unboxing video), I noticed that the box casing from inside was Torn (screenshot attached).

Moving on, I started checking the device physically as well as internally (as a regular customer would do). I noticed that the camera bump had visible scratches and a tiny piece chipped off (attached screenshot for reference). This was now a cause of concern. As usual, I tried raising this to the Flipkart team and they outrightedly ignored and asked me to reach out to Asus for Warranty repairs :( (Did not expect this at all!).

After a week or two of struggling, and as a Promoter of Asus Brand (I also use Asus 6Z and I wanted to upgrade to a Flagship experience and hence ROG Phone 3), I am reaching out (with last hopes) and raising this to seek your guidance in getting a proper replacement as I have received a refurbished device and I AM REALLY HOPING your team can help this replaced. Additionally, there are issue with the display where the screen renders colors differently in the upper half and slightly darker in the lower half (have checked with Grays in general). Happy to share any further information in getting this process expedited. Seeking your urgent assistance.

Requesting the moderators to help escalate this on high priority and get visibility for this. @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS



  • sorry mate but you need to get ghis sorted through flipkart, asus does not cover for physical damages.

    Also looking at your box it also seems you might have a tencent phone which do not have warranty at all.

  • @anmolkakkar0309

    the lines you see on the screenshots are normal for ROG 3 units, the lower the brightness, the more you will notice is. This is the black crush issue and this happens to Tencent/Global released phones, even if you receive a replacement, I'm pretty sure you will see the same thing. We are a group of 5, all of us have ROG 3 units, all have the same issue.

  • After noticing all those that you have mentioned, you should have immediately called Flipkart team and tell them and ask for a replacement device. Mail the unboxing video and if still under replacement date do it asap

  • Why wouldn't the warranty help for this?

  • This is not true as the box itself mentions 1 year warranty for the mobile and 6 months for accessories and has been purchased from an authorised seller of Asus. Their product page itself routes to Flipkart for purchasing it, so they must address this.

  • I did but they didn't help at all, and it would take a few days/back and forth before which this was completely unresolved from their end and hence seeking the Brand's assistance in getting this resolved ASAP.

  • Sadly this is common in the asian market. They do a ton of scetchy things like selling tencent phones with ww roms, scetchy repair service, illegal advertising and so on. The fact that your phone has physical damage is enough for asus to not give you warranty for repair.

    This has to be solved via flipkart not asus. The warranty is also more than likely something flipkart offers instead of asus if you habe a tencent flashed phone.

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    Why do you have to get involved in warrenty stuff. Flipkart has a replacement policy. Why cant u opt for that?

  • They had only 7 days policy. Which is over and they are not doing anything.

  • This begs the question why on earth would you wait over 7 days if it's clear you got refurb?

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    They kept delaying @Danishblunt and up until the time it fell out of the 7 days policy.

    Please be empathetic of the fact that this is something not right. I am not raising this after 6 months of my purchase either. This is brought to ASUS's attention as early as possible (in this case; well under 2 weeks of the purchase). I'd rather request if you reserve your opinion if you can't help in this matter.

    Also, this has to be solved both, either by Flipkart or at the very least by ASUS, as the phone (is of the brand ASUS) was packed at source by ASUS and not by Flipkart. Flipkart is just a retailer selling what has already been packed. ASUS should help in this case as Flipkart has not assembled these boxes. They are picking everything from them and shipping at the customer's addresses.

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    They have packed a refurbished piece in the hopes by lowering the price on the Flipkart Sale they'll be able to take out an older refurbished piece without getting noticed. I beg to differ @Danishblunt @MV and would request ASUS to intervene and help with a proper replacement as Warranty is applicable on this since this is a device purchased from their authorized Seller.

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    Have been a shopper with FK since more than a decade and haven't seen this issue when you have the counterfeit product. And you have put yourself in this situation by not replacing the device in first place within 7days. That is what we are trying to say to you. I wish mods could help you, but I think otherwise. We already have plenty of users with Tencent edition in this very forum with same issue.

  • @MV That's what I am requesting as well, ASUS should help address this if it's one-off and should respect a customer's right to own new items for the price they pay. Warranty is indeed to address issues with one's purchase.

    On a side note, Do you have the same screen issue? Would you mind sharing a screenshot if that helps make this any better?

    Additionally, how would one know it's a Tencent edition?

  • You're the one that needs to be able to start understanding whats going on here instead of asking people to me empathetic. ASUS cannot offer warranty for a physcially damaged phone PERIOD. If what you write is true, then this has to be solved via flipkart and not ASUS. No matter how much you cry and moan the fact won't change that ASUS does not cover damaged caused physically. The phone as you mentioned is very likely not refurbished by ASUS meaning it's basicially impossible what you're asking for.

    If you don't want to bang your head against a wall then start manning up and take the batlle to flipkart. What you're doing right now is completely pointless.

    Imagine I buy from a scetchy company a broken or refurbished device, be it phone, notebook or whatever, how exacly does it work from your point of view? That way I could easily break my phone and get free replacement by lying, ASUS has no way of knowing if you got a refurb phone or if you tried to tamper with it yourself as ASUS has no internal access of flipkart. What you're asking from ASUS is absolutely unreasonable.

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    Well in that case, you can probably go back what you were doing coz nobody requested your inputs on this anyways.

    Are you a customer care representative of Asus's? (Coz you are definitely acting like one with little to no knowledge of what a supply chain looks like; LMAO) if you indeed represent ASUS, then you really need to do a better job at it as that's not how a customer should've been represented when there was an issue and if you don't represent them, then prefer to stay away from this as it neither affects you nor you are helping here in any way.

    And what you mentioned above shows that you agree it is a damaged product sent in the box but you are not man enough to agree to it. That's unfortunately your problem!

    Additionally, you'd better reserve your comments when you no nothing about the warranty statements of Asus in India. Flipkart doesn't offer warranty on products, the product brand does, as it says on each one of our boxes as well. Do your homework before you share your unwelcoming thoughts.

    They should not be sending damaged products in the box PERIOD. And if they did, they should stand up to it and offer a proper replacement for this mistake. PERIOD. Additionally, if ASUS indeed doesn't want to say anything about this despite proofs, consumer court case will definitely help as an escalation.

    Stop whining about this post. If your device is working fine, then enjoy and let ASUS work on this. Hope you can stay away from this.

  • @Asus Team, Hope you had a chance to review this. I have shared the issue in detail with underlying proofs; seeking your help/guidance on next steps.

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    Hello ,

    I had little similar scenario with flipkart before they rejected all my request and waited for 1 week return period to get over , but that wasn't end of battle .

    I got emails of higher officials and wrote complain about that issue to online consumer right websites .

    I got calls from higher officials and total of 1 month later they pick my device and got me new one with some extra gifts xD .

    And i clear you that Asus can't help you with it , only flipkart can because i told you i was same scenario . 👍

  • I doubt the authenticity of this post. I'm not on the receiving end though, but I highly doubt that flipkart is selling "Tencent version" of Asus ROG-3. And also, I don't think you put much effort for replacement.

    Recently, I bought a laptop from Flipkart which had a display issue. I raised the return request then only. And by the time it was resolved, the return period was over. However, since my complaint was registered before that, it was replaced by the seller.

    So, what happened in your case, I'm not sure. Mailing/raising request via app/calling service center/using social media could've been done to at least register your complaint.

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