Charging Issues with Zenfone 6 After Android 11 Update

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  1. Model Name: ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL)
  2. Firmware Version: Android 11 ( Jan. 1st, 2021)
  3. Rooted or not: Not rooted.
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: -
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Charging.


I received the FOTA update of A11 yesterday. First, the battery died faster compared to A10. Then, I put it on charge, but it took ages to reach 35%, so I checked the the time that is required for full charge and it showed 7 hours. I was gonna sleep, so I wanted to use this "slow charging" and "planned charge" under battery maintenance settings to set it to my waking up hour. When I woke up, it was still 35%. Any similar issues? Any suggestions?



  • I have an issue with charging of the phone going down quickly when I am not using it.

    It says Android System has used up 48% battery.

    Before Android 11 update, I used to get 2 days backup but now not even 1 day.

  • This is clearly a bug which is triggering in A11 as you came from A10 always it is recommeneded to factory data reset after you update to new OS as this may clear all bugs and will be a fresh start on new OS.

    Android system consuming so much of battery 48% is cleary a software bug thing.

    There was same case with me when i updated from A9 to A10 on my 5z i blamed software and later when i factory reset once everything was back to normal.

    So i recommend you to do a factory data reset by following this steps 👇

    Settings>system>reset options>erase all data.

    Note:- please don't forget to backup your important data before you factory data reset to avoid your data loss.


  • I'm having the same problem, Asus needs to fix this. The phone's fast charge was intermittent... Had to connect the charger, reboot, - to get the ++ to appear now after doing a factory reset... It seems the phone even bother anymore.

    This is most annoying thing I've seen

    Hope Asus sends out a fix to what ever is happening or an option to allow users force fast charging ... Especially given that since the update battery barely lasted ( Prior to reset).

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    There's no bug. More likely two users with bad usb cables. Please check with new cables. This is very common and it's just a coincidence that this happened to you now.

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