Zenfone 6 doesn't support VOLTE in USA

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Zenfone 6 can't be used on ATT or Cricket Wireless anymore due to the recent shut down of there 3G network and not activating any new 3G device's or 4G devices that don't support VOLTE on there network


  • The thread title isn't exactly correct. It does work on T-Mobile as of A11. Hopefully they come through for ATT too, but since it's not till 2022 which is after this device is supported, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen.

  • First of all that makes no sense at all when T-mobiles network doesn't even work on the Zenfone 6 because it don't support band 71 and I have tested no service as for ATT VOLTE there gonna have to or else none or majority of Asus phones won't work in the USA anymore unless it supports VOLTE as for Tmobile it's a wash

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    It does work on T-Mobile. I'm using it right this second. As I said in another thread, it has never supported band 71 but that does not equate to it "not working on T-Mobile." I suppose you could say it doesn't support all bands on T-Mobile as that has obviously been the case since the phone was released and can't be changed.

  • Yeah I agree it's the fact that were I live it don't work unfortunately 😞 and I do have Tmobile also but only band 71 is available in my area for it but either way VOLTE needs to me supported for ATT and Cricket Wireless that's all

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