Asus 6Z (India) neither on nor charge/ unable to hard reset everything stucked after A11

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  1. Asus 6Z
  2. QP1A.190711.005.WW_Phone-17.1810.2005.153.0
  3. Not rooted
  4. Totally switched to black screen only nothing is happening
  5. Not related to any app.

I update to A11 recently two days ago. I used approx 2 hours normally just checking what I got after update, just open camera switched to front by flip then before looking myself in my camera its shut down in a second even the camera was not retracted back to normal, phone gets off, I just put on charge with a lots of bad thoughts in mind then from that morning I am trying to hard reset by combination keys but noting happening only sometime red light turns on and remains on for hours then off. I again charge again tried again hopeless with this. I start using asus from zenfone 4 and regularly upgrading models to asus. It hurts becoz I was rarely using this phone becouse it is premium for me.

will be grateful for any genuine resolution

email id- [email protected]

Regards:- Mohd Kaif Iqbal


  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance. Locate here :

  • Visited and they checked it for 1 hr and told me it has a motherboard issue occurs after A11 software incompatibility with hardware but as the warranty has expired we only repair when senior team approve otherwise I need to purchase motherboard (apprx Rs.21000/-). They were very familier with asus 6 phone problem which was 1 lower model of my phone but act very rare case surprising case they have with my 6Z while I can c everything on zentalk forum about 6Z problems started from Nov 19 when its launched and consumers starting facing many issues with motherboard. I shown them forum printouts of discussions about this 6z failure problems they just laughing and clarifying me that zentalk discussion is just for fun & fight each techy is just living in own made myth word. Nothing could solve ur issue.

    I then submitted my phone with receipt, they were told me whatever they have got in reply from approving authorities they will call me

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