The switch apps between screens dedicated keyboard button does not work for full screen apps

LiviuLiviu Level 2
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  1. Model: UX581GV.308
  2. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  3. Reset OS: Yes
  4. Screenshot or video:
  5. Battery or AC: Both
  6. System: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19042S


Detailed description:

The dedicated button for moving the apps from the main screen to the bottom screen and vice-versa, doesn't work anymore with the new ScreenPad for apps that are in full screen mode, for example, Edge playing a video from YouTube on full screen mode. It will move only apps that are not in full screen.


  • Hello Liviu,

    I tried web browser, windows app and my asus

    and it was like full screen=>Restored sized automatically (only when switching screen)=>and then back to full screen also automatically again

    so yours does not automatically changed?

    Thank you.

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