Rog phone 3 - scheduled battery charge VS Battery Health

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First of all I love this bypass battery feature! But in reality I have one question:

How this scheduled charging battery set by alarm clock affect the battery durability?

For example:

At 23:00 rog3 has 25% of battery and I leave it charging in scheduled mode ending by alarm clock set to 7am.

This amount of time doesnt affect in long time therm the battery health?

SOrry for bad english

BBest regards

Nuno Serrão


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    @Yashny Scheduled charging is designed to improve battery protection by reducing the time that the battery is fullly charged but not in use. It's ideal for charging your phone overnight, which is how you're using it right now.

    In other words, no need to worry. You are using the feature correctly. 🙂

  • Another question... Can I set someway to use bypass while using in desktopmode?

    I use rog3 as laptop at the office and if there is someway to use it and don't drain battery would be perfect!


  • @Yashny Bypass charging is a feature in Game Genie intended to be used while playing games. For system-wide use, please refer to the charging limit feature in PowerMaster -> Battery care instead.

  • That's what I actually do!

    Thanks for your fast answers!

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