VoLTE still missing for most countries



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    Same status in France...

    No support for VoLTE IMS within Asus in the 3 biggest operators (Orange, SFR and Bouygues Tel). There's no mention on any Asus phone in the support. So sad, because I worked on this protocol in 2015 in France in my former company...

    I've open a thread in french to follow it:


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    Hello you can refer to my comment here (scroll to the comment above the second last comment)

    There's a bit of a hope that all those carrier support might come with rog 5 and gradually be extended to past year models

  • rimsv77rimsv77 Level 2

    My operator o2 telefonica CZ does not have support. I wish it could start. Vodafone CZ is in the list. Thanks

  • rimsv77rimsv77 Level 2

    so I tried the vodafone CZ sim in the list. and volte does not go.

  • We got both in Sweden, but VOLTE should also be a Carrier thing. They should support it and help asus impelment it

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    no volte on android 11 in Russia😔

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    Hello, same status with A11 in France on Bouygues network, no VoLTE 😭

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    The question of why the premium Asus zen 7pro device does not have VoLTE support in the Czech Republic. I don't understand if every middle class has VoLTE mobile phones in the Czech Republic and Asus Zen 7 does not. Please do something about it. I'm otherwise happy with the Asus zen 7pro but not having voLTE is a big disappointment and a mistake.

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