VoLTE still missing for most countries

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In the meantime the phone is available for almost six months. It's a shame that the device still does not support VoLTE in most countries (Switzerland in my case). For me this is one of the most important features.

ASUS: Can you share any news on that topic?

BTW: I was in contact with regional support. First, in November, they promised to add that feature soon via a firmware update. Now, the replied that they are not sure if the feature is ever introduced...



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    Same for Germany...it is such a pitty! @Anders_ASUS why does not Asus introduce this feature like on demand. Make it available by toggling a switch if a user wants to use it ( without talking with network suppliers ) something like if it is not working it is up to u,s the users, and not blame it in Asus or Network provider. As I said most custom roms provide this and no one is going to discuss this with any network provider...it is just there

  • VoLTE and VoWIFI are not operational on the ROG Phone 3 on any Australian carriers!! Asus you need to find a solution soon!

  • I would also join Volte and Vowifi. Country: Czech Republic. O2 operator. Thank you

  • Same for the Romania. Actually neither for 5Z or 6 VoLTE wasn't available. Sure, a matter of licensing or provisioning costs - probably related to the sales volumes also

  • It is a great pity that VoLTE does not have such a good device in the Czech Republic.

  • Same for Russia, VoLTE is not working on Asus phones on none of mobile operators. It's a shame not to provide such a basic option

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    Hi! I've just bought Zenfone 7 Pro. It's a really great phone with one exeption - very bad call quality. It's so bad that I'm considering returning the phone to Asus store. Is there any chance that upcoming update to Android 11 will fix it? I live in Poland and there is no VoLTE for me. I don't understand you Asus. How do you want to sell more devices, if you ignore such serious problem and customers. I talked to 5 people that returned their Zenfones 7/7 Pro because of terrible call quality. I will probably be the next. Don't you want our money and respect?

  • If I read the user comments (also on different official ASUS forums) then the lack of VoLTE and VoWifi functionality is a big issue for many users.

    The audio quality during normal phone calls is very poor. I have received different feedback from partners on this matter several times.

    Can ASUS officially comment on this?

  • This is the answer from Asus support that I've just got:

    "At this moment VoLTE is not supported in Poland by any network.

    I can see that you have the newest firmware version.

    If call quality is bad, please send your phone to service and it will be checked.

    In problem description please attach sound example in form of link to cloud, for example Google Drive."

    In my opinion there is nothing about networks. I checked officially supported phones by all providers in Poland. The list of supported models is not long. There is no my Xiaomi Mi 9 and I have working VoLTE and VoWiFi. In the past I used many custom roms with other "unsupported" phones and I always had possibility of using VoLTE. It looks like it's software problem that can be easily solved.

  • As far as I know... no VOLTE here in Belgium as well... or better, in Belgium it exists, just my 7 Pro that doesn't support :-(

  • I have the zenfone 7 and the call quality is excellent so I don't think it is a software issue. If I were you I would take it straight back to the seller and get satisfaction,one way or another.

    For between a$1000 and $1500 or so you really want a phone that can at least make crystal clear calls

  • It's not hardware problem for sure. I read Polish forums regularly and a lot of people return their Zenfone 7/7 Pro because of terrible call quality. Read other comments here. It's not only me.

  • Volta and vowifi also don't work with russian SIM cards on Asus. Other phones have this feature.

  • Instead of providing basic features lile VOLTE &Vowifi Asus is busy in launching new phones and neglect the old models.

    They are not customer oriented ,money oriented company it seems

  • Eventually, that attitude leads to loss of money.

    I checked russian mobile operators, they have support of volte on most of android phones since android 8 or 9 versions, depends on manufacturer. ios have support of volte in Russia since 13 version.

    So the customers who are really interested in call quality will probably select another device, not Asus.

  • If only the function could be forced as with xiaomi mi9. On asus goes dial only via root. And so I don't want to get around it.

  • does anyone have this option enabled when dialing this in the phone app??


    I have it disabled but if there was a way to enable it to simply try if that works or not, I can remember that when I used custom ROMs in the past I was able to do that and VoLTE was often working fine

  • I also have it turned off

  • Click on IMS service status

    If it is registered you view - call with lte avaiable

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    Off and unavailable here in Australia.

    It really is a shame Asus have neglected these features with their flagship phone.

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