Precision Touchpad / Trackpad inoperative after waking from hibernation

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  1. System: UM425IA
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UM425IANH74
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Several times a week (but not every time)
  5. Reset OS: No. But all drivers and bios are up to date
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Frequently when waking from hibernation the touchpad does not function (no cursor and clicking/right clicking does nothing.

Additionally, in these situations, if I RESTART the notebook (using keyboard) the touchpad still does not work. Only if I shut down and then boot from the power button does the Zenbook touchpad begin to work again.

BIOS version 307 is installed.

Precision Touchpad Driver version

Asus Number Pad Driver version:

Asus System Control Interface V2 version: 2.2.35

All other Asus related components also most current versions.

Windows 10 up to date.

I have removed and reinstalled both drivers as well. Power Management settings both have "Allow this device to wake computer" checked. There are no errors/exclamation points in the device manager for any device. This issue has been present for the last few months but getting frustrated and decided to raise it to the forum for input.

Note that I use hibernation instead of sleep because the sleep function has not worked since I purchased this Zenbook in August. See this thread. Issue reported there still unresolved:

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