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Is there a chance that ROG 3 can have the adaptive refresh rate like the Samsung S21+ has?


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    Nope, it's not a software thing.

    Only the Note 20 and s21 have a screen that supports adaptive refresh.

    Rog phone 3 has an auto-refresh rate but it sucks. It changes the refresh rate when you set the brightness "under 70=60fps" "70+% =90fps" game =144fps

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Hello ,

    After testing i found that Auto is very good option .

    Brightness lower than 20% Rate will be = 60 hz .

    Brightness more than 20% Rate will be = 90 hz .

    Brightness lower than 20% (Game) rate will be 60 hz , 90 hz depends on games maximum refresh rate .

    Brightness more than 20% (Game) Rate will 60 hz , 90 hz , 120hz depends on games maximum refresh rate .

    Thank you .

  • its shoodnt be like that even when screen doesnt have a adaptive option

    i think need be when not touching the screen 60hz or 30hz and when touching go to what ever is set

  • Auto refresh rate on this phone is kinda stupid. It only depends on the brightness level. Because they are trying to hide the bad display calibration when the brightness is low on 144hz. The red tint is pretty obvious.

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