[Zenfone/ZenPad] How to use the Screen Video app?

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Note: The operation steps/information listed below in this FAQ only apply to Zenfone 3 series and latter Zenfone models. Partial options/screenshots may vary from different OS versions.


1. Tap SettingsASUS customized settings > Game Genie > Activate Game toolbar > Then select the App which you want to use for video recording 



2. Below we demonstrate an example.  

   Enable Chrome in Game tolbar > Open the Chrome app ,the Game Genie icon shows on the left side of Chrome homepage > Tap the Game Genie icon > Choose Live & record from the menu



3. Tap Local record > You can choose the video format/video quality you want from the menu. When you're recording a video, any external voice will be also recorded. If you want to mute the microphone, check the Mute microphone box.



4.If you want to stop the video recording , tap the Video icon > then tap the square Stop cion.




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