Why can't I find the files stored in Hidden Cabinet when connecting smartphone to PC ?

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To provide file the privacy and security, user cannot directly read/access files stored in Hidden Cabinet of their mobile device from a PC when connected your phone with File Manager /Wireless File Transfer function as all files are stored in encrypted format.  

In addition, when you transfer your files from PC (or other source device) ,please be sure the fileds are first transferred to the internal storage of smartphone (mobile device). Then, you may move those files to the Hidden Cabinet via the File Manager. Transferring files directly from the source device to the Hidden Cabinet of mobile device may fail and may be unresearchable due to file encryption.

Below steps shows the example:


To move the files out of the Hidden Cabinet, you firstly need to move them to the internal storage of smartphone; then, transfer the files to the destination decice (PC or other device) by the following steps.

File Manager > Hidden Cabinet > Choose the files you want to move > Click theimageat top-right corner > You can choose where you want to store the files by clicking Move to/ Copy to.  



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