biggest mistake of buying this phone

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why the large numbers of people facing the switch off issue in Rog 2 while charging (including me)?

I don't think it's a hardware issue because

1. it's happening with me after 13 month later

2. almost every third topic in zentalk community is about Rog 2 switch off issue

I'm not expecting any fix from asus because my phone is out of warranty and asus developer team just moving ahead without fixing their bugs on previous generation phones.


  • Money all they need loyal and old customer who's that policy 🤣

  • Try hard reset it works for some phones

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    i am having ghost touch issue too from last 2 updates, They dont fix. Software support is making the brand not preferable anymore.

  • Hi,

    Its a known issue and you need to visit the service center. You can try factory reset once before visiting to check if it fixes. Kindly visit the nearest service center:

    As your phone is out of warranty, the service team will help to provide best possible support here.

  • they are saying it's a hardware issue so you need to replace the main board. which cost 26000 inr+ installation charges. which I think I'll never pay for this company.

    I want to suggest one thing that you should give lifetime warranty to your customers because after buying asus product everybody suffers all the time.

  • If its a known issue, then why don't we have a more permanent and cost effective resolution for it? If its a known issue, then it's the fault of the company for releasing a product like that, and how can you expect the customer to bear the brunt of your mistake?

  • If it's an motherboard issue it should be serviced for free I guess

    2019 Asus phones including Zenfone 6 and Rog 2 have had this issue (auto shutdown etc) this probably was due to some faulty batches of phones

    Afaik they're servicing the faulty mobos for free tho in warranty (after warranty I'm not really sure) some have got theirs fixed outside warranty too but can't say depends

  • I spent my 8month part-time earnings on this phone cause I felt for this #pseudo-flagship.

    The only product I regret buying is rog 2. The phone broke in the 2nd week of purchase for my mistake but they took 2 months to fix it. So technically I have had this phone for only a year now. The repair costed 21k and it was not registered in my asus account which makes me feel like they charged extra and kept it off records.

    Next time I buy a phone or for that matter any electronic device .. no more asus .

    Thanks for making me feel myself dumb.

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