New renders for the next rog phone

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  • Specs:

    The phone retains both the front firing speakers, it has an customisable anime matrix which can show notifications, triple camera setup,6000 mah battery (dual design) paired with an 65w battery

  • Yeah defnitely gonna skip that one. The snapdragon 888 is already quite a powerhog, having another display draining battery, no thank you.

    Also seems like same screen, speaker and camera. Considering the sd 865 id already overkill for most games makes it even less desireable.

  • Going by the render it looks like it has a MASSIVE top bar and a tiny af bottom bar, hopefully that's not right and it's more centered

  • I highly doubt it will released like this. It looks disgusting.

  • Agreed, I have no plan on getting it but what phones look like is a BIG part of my buying decision, and it looks gross af

  • Yeah the thermals are an concern on 888 powered phones judging the recently released phones

    Let's see how the rog handles it, I don't think the back panel would drain much battery but anyways it does have 65w charging support so it would top up the battery pretty fast

    But yeah 1 gen upgrade from rog 3 to this probably ain't worth it

    About the display I think they'll retain 144hz or at max 160hz and have improved sampling rate and maybe better calibration too? Given rog 3's complains

    Proprietary stuff like air triggers can get a upgrade and the cooling stuff (rog 3 had neat interior design and cooling)

    Headphone jack 🤔

    And I don't see any vent on the back so maybe it'll have wireless charging or some sort of ip rating (ip rating is kinda unlikely though)

  • I personally kinda dig the look

    This design is better than the previous leaked one

    A customisable display strip which can show notifications and stuff like zephyrus laptops is pretty cool

    Hopefully the camera has ois this year tho and a better wide angle and macro or telephoto lens

  • What about screen resolution? That has to be a 1440p

    Even so since my phone hasn't been destroyed or burned yet,I will keep it till the battery blows up lol

  • I doubt that's it's 1440p

    My bet is on an 1080p panel both for cost purposes and the fact that 1440p display will need more power to drive it right 🤔 1080p is the safer bet

  • Rog 3 is still top notch

    Rog 3 to this won't be that big of a upgrade I guess unless you absolutely need the 65 w charging and the second screen features

    Other than that we'll see at launch if anything's new

  • Can't wait for the performance tests on youtube,even tho they'll probably favour the other phones cause of "I'm not tech savvy" if you get what I mean

  • But will this feature a headphone jack?

    "Gaming" phones without a built in 3.5mm headphone jack is an immediate bust. ASUS needs to remember that the ROG Phone is built with a specific audience in mind: gamers and power users.

    I'm also hoping that the North American version of this device will continue to exclude Tencent spyware/bloatware.

  • So a closer look shows 2 exposed, seperate usbC ports, no dust cover.

    Have they gone the way of Lenovo and moved the USB ports to the side of the phone?

    The red thing at the bottom seems to be flush with the phone as it doesn't jut out like the buttons on the other side or cut out like the USB ports seem to be on the side, I'm wondering what it could be because it's placed in such a weird spot

  • Unless that's a dust cover for accessories etc, but it's in such an awkward spot imo

  • Looks like a sim tray or something like that. It has that hole where i assume you can push the sim ejector pin into. Maybe now it supports an SD card.

  • That would make the most amount of sense considering it'd be cramped on the side with the power and volume buttons and (I'm assuming) the triggers, so it's probably that.

    It's make sense to include expandable storage and drop the internal storage to 256gb for all the models for the sake of saving A LOT of money

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