I just wanted to go from 'Silent' to 'Performance' in CS:GO

As the title said:

I just wanted my G712LU to go from one to another.

Now it is a mess.

It goes to 'Performance' and then goes back to 'Silent' when the game starts. I, still have to manually select 'Performance'.

I just want to delete the whole bind but all I can find it to it hide and it is messing everything up...

It, also, now goes to four color keyboard and I just want red...


It is minimizing the game ( while it tells me it is "optimizing" settings and I have to close Armory to get back to the game

Anyone know how to edit the preferences so it works or just delete the game from Armory???


What I need to do to keep my keyboard red and for it to apply the settings without Armory taking over the screen and minimizing the game?


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