Why can’t I backup my apps and data using ASUS Backup in Android Marshmallow?

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Android Marshmallow only supports the restore function of ASUS Backup. To use the backup function, launch Settings > Backup & reset instead.


You can also use ASUS Backup to restore the backup file you created from Android Lollipop. Please refer to the following steps to do this.

Note: Steps 1 to 3 are optional if you’re using the same mobile device previously running on Android Lollipop.


  1. Use File Manager to copy the backup folder, usually stored at sdcard \ ASUS \ ASUSBackup.
  2. Download ASUS Backup from Google Play if you don’t have it yet on Android Marshmallow.
  3. Paste the backup folder sdcard \ ASUS \ ASUSBackup to the same file path on Android Marshmallow.
  4. Open ASUS Backup then tap Restore.
  5. Select the file you want to restore then tap Start restore.






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