ROG phone 3 display is capped to 60hz ,when hdmi cable/capture card is connected.

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FIRMWARE VERSION: QKQ1.200419.002.WW_Phone-17.0823.2012.131

Not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: EVERYTIME

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): All apps and UI

Every time when i connect the phone to a ELGATO capture card ( Not only with elgato but other users with high end capture cards too) , the screen refresh rate is being capped to 60hz by itself. (DO NOTE THAT YOU GUYS DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN ME THE LIMITATION OF CAPTURE CARD ITSELF, BECAUSE HERE THE SCREEN REFRESH RATE IS BEING SET TO 60HZ). The phone display and the output through type-c is different, what is limiting the screen of the phone itself to 60hz? I can understand the fact that a capture card supporting 60hz capture can only capture at 60hz. Once again i am repeating that i am not asking about the capture card output, I AM ASKING ABOUT THE DISPLAY REFRESH RATE. Every other phone such as samsung, oneplus, ipad pro does not have this weird limitation. I can clearly say that this has nothing to do with hardware limitation but a software one. When you market a product saying it has MHL support and USB type c 3.1 output and doesn't deliver what you say ,at least acknowledge the issue and provide customers The response or fixes. THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING IN ASUS ROG PHONES , who ever got this phone thinking they can start a youtube streaming career is helpless now. YOU guys are making a joke out of your self calling this a premium beast phone , when you can't even fix the problem.

SIMILAR POSTS WERE ALREADY MADE BY OTHERS and you guys closed those thread shamelessly without proper response.

these are some of the threads which were already posted. and yet you guys weren't able to give a solution nor a proper reasonable response.

Give us answer or fixes , we aren't fools to spend this much money on a phone. This would be my last phone from asus itself , I am not gonna buy nor recommend anyone who plans to buy this for streaming.

I will wait for an answer , after that i will make sure I make a video specifically explaining why no one should buy a ROG phone for streaming or youtube purposes AND POST IT IN YOUTUBE. So that no one else wastes money on this useless hardware.


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    When you connect your phone to an external capture card like the Elgato HD60 S, the refresh rate of your phone will match the throughput of your capture card, which for the HD60 S means 60 Hz. You can't set the display rate of your phone individually while connected to your capture card.

    Edit: To clear up any confusion, the threads you linked to were closed automatically due to inactivity.

  • @Gustav_ASUS first of all this does not happen in other phones, Even if i am ready to use in 60hz, but the biggest issue is the whole phone starts to stutter and lag , the touch latency goes crazy low. If it was only limiting the refresh rate , i wouldn't be so furious over this. The touch latency drops crazily. Why only on Rog phone??. Lets consider i buy a high end capture card like Avermedia GC553 which can capture at 1080p 120hz.

    Similarly another person with all maxed out capture card like this did a post in this forum too. But that didn't solve the problem either.

    So please don't say that its because of the capture card. Even if it is for any reason, what about the lag and touch latency drops???

    No other phone with "display out" has this kind of weird limitation, in oneplus you can play at 90fps and record in 60.

    If the Rog phone is limited by the likes of any of such weird issues . Just give us a clear cut statement , so that i don't waste my time hoping that whether ASUS will fix this or not. So that i can then make sure that no one else buys this for streaming purpose and waste their hard earned money.

  • The same also happens when one uses the screen recorder. The screen refresh rate also gets capped, but only to 120hz so it's not as grave as when using the capture card. Therefore, I can't enjoy the screen fluidity in all its 144hz glory. I tried to bring this up twice in the span of 4 months but some idiots kept mistaking the "hz" for "FPS" and no dev wants to take part in this. It's safe to say no one cares about this problem, other than the ones who are experiencing it.

  • Yes, they have put in great hardware, kudos to engineering team , but the whole product experience is only ruined by software, and they are simply lazy enough to not address the customer pain points. They are getting away with these due to the hype created by the device. At the end of the day , money wasted is wasted , sure as hell never gonna buy any Asus mobile products. Yes we understand these problems might be faced by very few customers using these , but you market and provide specs as features, we are entitled to ask for a fix. As a Asus fan and tech enthusiast I'll only say that your reputation is being damaged AMONG TRUE FANS.

  • Will anyone reply or you guys waiting for this thread to be closed automatically due to inactivity??

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    @akshaycygnus I've explained how the display refresh rate behaves when connecting to an external capture card above.

    @Craven The screen recorder is capped to 120 Hz for performance reasons. The display refresh rate should automatically revert back to 144 Hz afterwards.

  • @Gustav_ASUS looks like you don't even read what i said or you don't understand what I am saying anyways, thanks for your explanation, So what you say is ASUS ROG PHONE 3 IS INCAPABLE OF PLAYING MORE THAN 60HZ SETTINGS , no matter what capture card we use. When many other competitor "NON Gaming Phones" can do. So i should better make people aware of this incompetent hardware limitation the phone has. And possibly making it the worst option for streamers in general. For the money i wasted the least i could do is make sure this information reaches to public and i will.

  • The display refresh rate should automatically revert back to 144 Hz afterwards.

    Wow. Thank you for stating the obvious, Einstein. And in terms of performance issues, this phone should have NONE! We have bypass charging so we can use X-mode anytime for any duration. Is this supposed to be an excuse? This has been forwarded by Anders since September but i don't even think it actually was. Thanks for being such incompetent mods.

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    If the throughput of your capture card is 90 or 120 Hz, your phone's display should match that value.

    Edit: We tested on Sony Xperia 5 II and Oneplus 8 Pro, and they both exhibit the same behavior when connecting to an external monitor running at 60 Hz.

    @Craven No need for name-calling, I was just answering your question. Your feedback has been noted.

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