I can't get the HDMI output.

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  • Hello obbo,

    Which model do you have?

    Please kindly describe more of the issue.

    Thank you.

  • I got this issue too. my VIVOBOOK S15 WIN10/I5/8G....

    When I output my HDMI to LG TV it become out of border.

    I update all my driver and try NVIDIA MX330 driver setting.

    BUT all the signal processing by CPU so MX330 can't do any help

    NVIDIA guy tells me I should go back to ASUS not NVIDIA......

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    Hello juzenlu,

    Sorry I'm a bit confused.

    In your third picture, your display is exported to the TV, right? so the issue is out of boarder?

    for this issue you may enter Settings>System>Display to adjust the layout and scale


    You may post a thread in Chinese in ZH section if needed.

    Thank you.

  • Thx for your kindly reply

    I'm not sure which option can solve this problem. The minimal scale is 100% and can't do any lower adjustment or setting to Full screen option.

  • Hello juzenlu,

    Both the sale and resolution need to be adjusted,

    Thank you.

  • I mean scale can't adjust under 100% I'd tried all resolution to compatible with, but it seems like won't work at all

  • Hello juzenlu,

    May you provide the specific model name of your LG TV?

    if you connect to other monitor, does this issue happen?

    Thank you.

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