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  • See every one know what is the bug asus rog 3 user facing report long back and also when asking regarding update you peoples say buy pixel right, asking about update is wrong requesting about bugs fixes when says about black crush says incresee brightness to spoil our eyes why you peoples has problem when other customer using the forum in there understanding way , no one is abusing asus or mods or admins they just question than why all you worried so much of that without any benefits , now all 4 peoples left you started he is right i am right your wrong stories so what, i am wrong trusting asus i am wrong feeling you peoples as a customer previously I understand the political games well , you peoples has just covering asus to make everyone to be silent not to ask for updates and any other I saw lot of posts which always getting reply from you peoples mocking everyone ,

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    Black Crush - well if you read the posts made by admin and moderators, they are making tweaks to try and improve the situation with each release.

    Low Brightness too bright - Same for ROG 2, and I have a software which overlays the screen with dark layer. So you don't have to wait for a software, you could easily find something from Play Store and this is the best thing about Android phones.

  • This is what the good reply , I hope for android there is a alternate solutions for every issue than company should sell and stay silent by providing useless updates improving more difficulties to the user than busy with new phone lunch , what I should run app in backround to adj the black crush well a third party app can solve a big brand asus cannot solve in this long months , still everyone asking for beta is not started but in 15 days new best gaming of 2021 going to lunch , and after that same saver will save asus from customer

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    You should run the app to save your eyes earlier.

    Beta will start for the selected members and they would of received the e-mail notification. For ones who haven't been selected, they won't receive an e-mail. (Read the second post on the first page). Also, there's probably an agreement between the beta tester and ASUS that information shouldn't be leaked out to other members. So either way, me and you won't know who and when Beta testing would start.

    At least ASUS gives a forum for users to vent their issues on right? Samsung and OnePlus have similar issues especially on black crush, so your assult on ASUS is pretty much baseless because as it has been mentioned many times, this is is a problem on pretty much all AMOLED screens.

  • samsung oneplus what your talking about , its not at all present right now only asus rog user has an major issues recently closing the reviewing of the beta applications probably selected user also waiting for 1st beta , also save eyes to use third party apps is the only solutions after 8 months of phone release may bee oneplus has or samsung has they fixed it , also I am not sure samsung lol but I have oneplus 8 pro its has no issues like this red tint black crush at all may be you heard some defective peaces not all,. just making its amoled issues compromising our self that sit nothing more , every brand had there own forums and had there own savers , oneplus is worst than the asus , samsung forum is far better , at least we argue and had mutual respect end of the day oneplus has worst forum management, you raised so I said about oneplus and samsung even I am not interested there copy cat brands , I do have respect on asus but they loosing the potentiality . by the way I loved your replies thank you leaving the forum. good bye.

  • I dont want to be harsh but you are taking this thread to some nonsense level , my only intention for creating this thread is to keep getting some updates on beta and what you guys are fighting on in this thread is utterly useless so stop fighting on what happened because everyone has spend the same money and everyone is having same problems so fighting for it doesn't matter ,

    Tell your problems and explain them and ask for updates on how is your problem getting handled by the team and wait , fighting for it wont make any difference other then creating a bias

    I did the same mistakes before like you guys are doing now, so now we all can move forward and start being helpful to each other and if any thread bothers you then you can always ignore them instead of writing harsh things in that thread

    We can help to solve other people problems even if its a very tiniest one becoz not everyone is geek ,

    So now lets create a community where problems get solved and where people gets help instead of taunts and harsh words.

    Thank you and lets help......❤️

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    From what I see and read ASUS and some people in the thread don't want to understand and agree that their phone has problems and are just advertising RGB and other features. Unless we get proper updates on the phone and proper fixes for all issues we will keep writing and fighting. We have paid money for the phone and have all the right to ask for updates and fixes.

  • Write your issue but fighting for issues and creating bias for issues , there is a difference

  • You don't get it? We agree that this phone has problems its just that we have patience cause they are not that critical or annoying

  • The issues are display. Black crush brightness and red tint. Sometimes it's very very unusable. ASUS knows this and have not fixed for more than 7-8 months now and how much more patience is required. Also all say performance machine but random hangs once in a while and heating issues once in a while. No fix for all these still everybody knows about these problems and ASUS has no fix. Also mostly all other brands have already released Andriod 11 to their flagships and have started releasing to mid range smartphones. Even after paying the price for the phone why should we wait for everything???

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    I see black crush issues on other forums by other manufacturers, so you are wrong. ASUS can make incremental changes like they did on the last release. Someone said A11, I think DanishBlunt would help but the way we will know is to wait. But you cannot make everyone happy.

    You would have been brave and junped on custom roms because of stability and customisation. BUT, you will be complaining about air triggers not working. Oh wait, is that the bit that needs doing? You got it it if something clicked, air trigger is just one thing. What about the accessories and air cooler, bypass charging and etc.

    A millionth time, other phones are much more stock than ROG and therefore these phones will get it quicker and probably the case, will end up with more than one major update.

    The OP is right, these conversation is pointless and i do feel sorry for OP and the genuine posts he/she has made.

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    No, you are not being harsh to me at all. Infact, I totally agree with your comment.

  • Thank you 😀and lets hope everyone understands that 👍

  • If u have seen others have already fixed the issues and ASUS is sleeping and getting support of ppl like you who don't even want to acknowledge the issues and blaming others who wants to highlight the issues. In the first place why there should be issues in display and why ASUS can't fix it even after so many months. Untill and unless ppl like you are present companies will enjoy with our money by providing defective products. Let what happen company has to fix all the issues and give proper update.

  • You be brave and leave the forum so that company can give proper updates. We didn't buy phone to go to custom rom bcoz company is not capable to give updates and fixes. This is why ppl are telling guys like you are paid.

  • Im so sorry you're too spoiled and entitled too comprehend that not everyone feels the same way you do about the phone. If you hate it that much sell or return it otherwise the clown make up on your face grows thicker and thicker with each post you make, so for your own sake, please just stop. You need to accept that fact that they are probably definitely fixing the issues you've commented hundred of times, going on and on about it is useless and counterintuitive to the forum and discussion at hand. You didn't pay for support, so stop acting like you have. If it's that much of a problem to you, go WORK for Asus android the problem yourself.

    Enjoy your echo chamber about paid mods. It's chidish and such a stupid thing to even think.

  • Sorry for hijacking the thread again Saifuddin, *some* people Just don't understand how a forum works. I'm just as keen as you probably are for the android 11/beta and can't wait to see what new features they are

    Hopefully mods base who gets the beta based on their contribution to the forums ;)

  • For companies mistake why should I sell or return it's companies responsibility to fix all issues. And if you don't want any update leave the forum, we will never stop asking untill proper updates and fixes are released.

  • If asking for fixes are chlidish behaviour, what do you say about opposing it.

  • @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS i think this thread unfortunately needs to be closed, its gone off course yet again. :/

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