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  • Common why don't you agree I understand your frustrations because I find u who you are don't be so stupid to back your self dude chill I understand your job , now asus will stop you providing free biees now 🤣

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    The easiest way to put it for you:

    Your hard earned money, should of done some research on the ROG series. Purely created for gaming by not overloading with bloatware.

    Someone claimed Pixels got the Android 10 preview version. Well Pixels are Google and Google created Android so Google devices will be default get these updates, no doubt about it.

    It is also Chinese New Year, so you can expect further delay. Also, you know ypu will get Android 11, you got the beta. Again, if you want always up to date Android, go for Pixels next time.

    Comparing phones that are near to stock with ones that have extra accessories is not a fair comparison. Aero Cooler, Kunai Game Pad, Case, RGB light. If you look at the competitors, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Pixels, Samsungs there are no accessories like the ROG series. So what does this got to do with the updates? Simple, the time is not enough to get this done.

    If you think making new Android versions is a copy and paste job for the manufacturer and takes 10 minutes, then you are absolutely wrong. Give it a try first before saying you want immediate answers.

    There are lots of good people who are not mods here who but try to help others who actually need help such as Averan, botboy, danishblunt, amit, and many others. That is how a community forum works. Except for fake accusations of defending the company though.

    Better keep this topic on track otherwise you will have this topic locked and the blames will be at you for not keeping it nice. I am not a mod, but try it if you want.

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    By the way, in case you do not know who the mods are, it is the ones that have Mod or Moderator as their title. You will see Admin too.

    By the way, mods do not work on weekends, so your accusation on Botboy is kind of absurd.

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    Chill bro i tried it and i got the same response like paid agents , well wait before i start hey Asus i need 200$ for this one 😒 .

    Well ignore that , the fact I don't understand is level of understanding . From the past beta testing in z6 it took a month to start whole process so when it was already estimated to take over a month why would people even started getting mad in few days ? It wasn't even a 3 days and i saw people already accusing asus for late beta .

    Ok explain me 2 years ? Did you got last update 2 years ago ? If yes then continue if not kindly edit and remove every line from your comment , if you got free to express you are always welcome to express anything in a manner .

    If you talk about late updates or late beta you have to know it's not a simple phone to develop rom. I am android developer myself so i can understand easily . If you talk about samsung or other companies who already got updates is because just a few changes in governor and kernal can port their rom to their any device all at once ,why ? Because they don't have to work on features like triggers n stuff same goes to every single phone which is just a rectangular box with screen on it and nothing else . Asus always delivery best optimisated software to match our beast use .

    If you want asus to just throw update without any optimization you don't care about performance , things should work or not you should continue speaking up here like a person who don't know anything about ecosystem of android .

    That's it for now and i request @Titan_ASUS @Gustav @ARP to close this thread as it is already out of track and a battlefield for users .

  • I know which one to buy which one not if I ask timely updates you people's come in way say buy pixel phone I know which one to buy which one not, also waiting for bugs fixes frok long time is not the way a branded company need to work also even beta not started yet , 6 months after a Lunch of new android version is what gaming phone , also I paid my question who you people's need to answer for it admin or mod will answer are not it's upto them why u people's coming in the conversation giving your opinion s in my issue I don't need that , research purchase all what my issue and asking for bugs fixes and timely updates is not wrong with that , just you paid agents or free biees agents are backing asus by embarassing people's not to ask anything if asus provide they will if not need to stick with it that's what u people says always, only you people's says gaming phone the best bla bla bla , if need updates buy pixels bla bla bla stop your opinion to give others my concern is mine not yours dude this is all the political game after buying the phone no one should question the company

  • Yaa mods 2nd account works every day any ones questions 2nd login and reply start

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Well then i request you open your own thread to receive help . 😊

    Here you won't get anything this is just a battlefield lol .

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Do you not agree though? Get the latest version of Android = get Google phone.

    If your question is for mods or admins, why are you posting here on a public forum? You should write a letter of complaint and not on here because mods here wont be able to do much in escalating this. Have you not written a formal complaint before? Try that.

    Updates usually come every bi-monthly and you will get A11 as soon as it has passed beta.

    lol, mods have 2nd accounts to comment, get a grip. Would you work over the weekend to answer your own comment and problems? No.

  • Than why you people coming to customer thread to reply than ? If same issue why should I create a new thread , why you people has the problem if someone raise question

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Well you said you have right to express the same goes to me we have right as well , for you good will i am ask you if you need reply from mod if better to port new thread with you issues in it .

    Also you have to need to call any paid agents until you investigate . 😊 Play legally.

  • See that's what as I said any updates comes with bugs only if it release within 6 months or after but talking long time provides buggy will face Backlash also if I ask before December than fine check I never asked we are in close of feb where I am asking atleast beta , still more than updates you 3 to 4 people's embarassing every customer 7n froum I am one you people 4 who's answering me it's show how biased you people s are , it's show clearly how you people s getting benefits of insulting because of buying asus thank u for that still 4 or 40 I will answer

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Well i repeat again open your very own thread with proper explanation and i am sure you will get answers from mod , no one is embarassing you here you are always welcome to port you point and thoughts , but atleast try to understand our point as well . I am not asking you to buy any other phone this is best and will be i just ask you to wait for beta and if you got any other issue you can post a thread .

  • I can't understand point less point s my thread or my brother if it's same issue I will quote , I am not bothering to get embarassing because I will support you people to feed your self I don't mind for it.

  • ADHADH Level 2
  • To ensure my side very clear asus rog 2 has the same futures what 3 has just with 19% improvement on Jan 13 2020 beta started for rog 2 in March stable released , asus rog 3 was launched in July , now rog 3 waiting for beta still but rog 5 will be on March 10th with stable android 11 it's an old bad strategy growup asus things changed a lot , if u lunch zenfone series I will never buy the gaming phones u don't released 7 series here for that reason I purchased this I am a fan of yours from zenfone 2 to till date but I thought to change a brand now thank you

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Same goes with every other phone brands. The reason why other manufacturers are quicker on the release is because it is much closer to stock than ROG phones. It is also Chinese New Year, so it probably makes sense for ROG 5 to come out after with sales for ROG 3 that time.

    Your complaint should be more directed to HQ because you're not going to gain anything on here, thus a letter.

  • Will you or so other will gain something by replying or posting here not right, I am not going through for any gaining purpose it was an sharing of customer pain who paid more than 50k to get proper support and bugs free software , asking and questions become to bad in this forum I dont know why, peoples come to defend asking purchase pixels and so called customer says stupid you says not gain anything, I am dam sure I wont gain anything will you than. just 4 to 5 peoples degrading others not to ask anything or not to question anything, by just saying best gaming phone armor create bla bla bla or buy pixel every where I found this dude.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    As ADH mentioned, if you have bugs to report, report them by creating a new thread. Have you reported anything?

    This thread is about A11 and when it will arrive. This has been answered by Titan (which is pinned as the 2nd post), therefore this post should be long gone now as correctly pointed out by ADH.

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