Can I change the sequence of app and its display quantity on ASUS Cover?

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Yes, you can. 


Follow below to change the sequence and the number of apps that show up on ASUS Cover:
  1. Launch Settings > ASUS Cover > Select screen views (Cover for ZenFone 3).

    Launch Settings > ASUS Cover > Select apps on the cover screen (Cover for ZenFone 2).

    [Screenshot of ZenFone 3 ASUS Cover:]

  2. Select the app you want to move by dragging  image up or down in the current list ,then you can change the order.   

  1. Tick or untick the check box if you want to hide to select the screen views.

    [Screenshot of ZenFone 3 ASUS Cover:]


Note: If you use a non-official cover accessory, some function may not work properly. Check out the official ASUS website to see the latest ASUS official cover accessory.

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