Jan update?

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I assume we're missing yet another monthly update?



  • There's no way asus gon give monthly updates. Give or take 3 months.

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    It's Asus, not Samsung.

    Galaxy S9+ (2018 phone) receives monthly updates until now.

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    Well they do that with zenfones occasionally rarely with rog tho

    The newer rog (rog 3 in this case) is getting monthly otas right now (rog 2's schedule is probably bimonthly - every 2 months)

  • Even my 3 years old S8 gets an Jan update. Wonder if Asus ever care about all the sold phones.

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    My 2.6yrs+ zenfone 5z is still getting updates too :D

  • From my understand is that ROG 2 was meant to get monthly updates for two years. Seeing as how support will end in 3-4months I am greatly worried.

  • Rog II is supposed to get "Bi-monthly" updates.

    Previous update was slated for Nov 20 release, but it was actually released in mid Dec 20. So yeah Jan 21 should have been next release month but asus crapped up and maybe now we have wait till Feb 21 end?

    Its utterly ridiculous, no mods are active in this forum, specially on Rog2, so it's a dead rubber to them. We don't mean anything but waste of time and resources to them.

    Make better life decisions next time when you buy Phones.

  • Asus is suffering from their neglect anyway. If you look at their mobile finances they're actually losing money (roughly half way into ROG2). Granted Covid is a thing but if they had taken more time on software support and ensuring ROG 1 and 2 users were well looked after then maybe ROG 3 would've been more well received.

    Instead, they're set on a phone release every year thinking people want to spend £800-1000 on a high end phone. Which sadly I don't have that money to throw away. I'm honestly gutted to be treated like this as a ROG 2 owner. I honestly thought I was going to be treated as a valued higher spending customer but the software support has been dreadful and then to see a ROG 4/5 soon to come really hits home at how quick they're to drop us and go.

    Sadly I can see Asus dropping the ROG range in the future and focusing on Zenphone. At least Zenphone has the monthly updates/older model support.

  • If you look at Asus mobile finance section, they're losing money and that was around mid ROG 2 lifespan. Granted there is Covid but I honestly believe ROG 3 onwards would've been accepted more if ROG 1+2 were looked after.

    Sadens me that I spent so much money on a device which has been given little love. This phone can have a long ass lifespan and minimise electronic waste (my main aim to getting it) but everything has just been dreadful. Heck my older phone with half the battery size lasts longer than the rog 2.

    I have sent Asus a complaint but I doubt much will come from it.

    Sad to see ROG 2's fate. I doubt the ROG range will carry on if 4/5 is not successful.

    When I saw ROG 1 negelected I should've taken that as a sign. I had hoped they learnt from their mistakes bud sadly have not. Android 11 wont come to ROG 2. Want my evidence? Look at ROG 1, took them a year to suddenly release A9 then left it at that and then said "stay tuned" for A10, only for ROG 1 users to find out its not happening from the chinese posts in the forum on chinese section - a year later.


  • 3'rd comment - test.

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  • @nationkid your comments are being censored by asus? Without putting public consent that "comment is being withheld"? Or giving reason why they deleted it, due any violations or just that they don't want to hear truth?

    If so this is weird, seriously hampering "Freedom of speech"!

  • I really do not know whats going on. I posted it then it popped up saying it needs approval... so I made another one... same thing occured.

  • Yeah they are censoring comments, they don't want people to speak truth.

    This happened to me too, maybe they are filtering comments based on some "keywords". Like "update", "asus" etc. We have to check.

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    Test successful!

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    This is an server side issue

    It has happened to me while editing and reposting an comment sometimes

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    But mostly the comment re appears after a while

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    As for OP's question: I don't have an ETA for the next firmware update, but I'll keep you posted.

  • Heads up or faq regarding this system being in place would have been great IMO. To avoid confusions!

  • No ETA on the next FOTA is a worrying comment if I'm honest.

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