Zenbook UM433D will not wake up from sleep??

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Detailed description:Brand new started not waking up. no work around. what is my course of action?


  • LiviuLiviu Level 2

    Service or better return it to the store and buy another one.

  • I kept at it. I found that a 40 sec. hold would wake up the machine. I then updated the utility that was indicated as it was newer than the other updates. Seems like the utility update has worked. We shall see.

  • This is a well known issue with this line of laptops (333, 433, 533, 334, 434, 534, their AMD conterparts and other tightly related computers). Searching this forum will give you many results as will performing a google search on this issue. With the UX533FD I haven't been able to solve this for well over a year now. Currently I'm completely disabling sleep mode, using a black screen saver after a certain period of time and hybrination when the flap is closed. Still waiting for a solution from Asus.

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