Anyone else having issues with Armoury Crate's own ROG Connect Interface, lately? Can't connect atm!

Helo ;PuweYHelo ;PuweY Level 2
edited February 2021 in ROG Phone 3

I like to mention that there is no connection anymore. I can see my Profile Picture, but I can't see my amount of followers or other kind of stuff there anymore.

Also the Suggested 144Hz/120Hz/etc.. Game Tab has completely no connection.

It's just an Armoury Crate Issue since today for me.


  • Problem got solved.

    Today is everything in Armoury Crate reachable again. Somehow the issue just appeared yesterday and today everything is back to normal. Maybe Armoury Crate had any Sync/Connection Issues yesterday, but everything is running properly now :3

  • It's possible that you tried to connect during server maintenance.

  • Keep getting installation failure error internet connection. Firewalls off and 50+ Mbps connection

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