Questions regarding battery life and performance(warning:long post)

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Its been a month since i bought this phone. Its a good phone. The performance, haptic feedback..ui sounds, customisation all great. But i have questions regarding everyones' experience.

How long is ur screen on time with light gaming/browsing/youtube?(specify brightness rate too. Or are using adaptive brightness)

Do you actually use the features like reducing maximum charge and slow charging?

My system is using 4.8 to 5.0 gb ram at idle state. Is this normal? If i auto deny apps and turn on super clean and power optimization and everything it bugs all apps(ofcourse it does) but i get more free ram(only 3.9 gb ram is used)

I would specify my experience too. I get 7-8hrs screen on time with 50 percent brightness with casual gaming and browsing and heavy youtube usage. I cap my charge at 80%. I dont use slow charging.

Black crush is not an issue for me. I turn on screen balance when i watch movies and its not visible.

How is ur experience with the phone?

Thnx for answering in advance.



  • I did a battery recalibration test on my 2nd month. Basically you just fully drain your battery from 100%-0% and theoretically, your battery will perform not like new, but just at its best again. Also it's said to keep the battery healthy if you drain it occasionally but whatever.

    Anyway, X-mode on,100% brightness, 144hz, WiFi on, location on, flashlight on and volume at 10%.

    I let 11 hrs of Mr. Bean play on YT fullscreen while i slept, hence the 10% volume. The flashlight auto-closed at 15% but the total SOT I got was around 11 hrs. I haven't done another recalibration yet because i feel like the battery hasn't changed much at all.

    I don't bother myself with charging precautions since slow charging's broken anyway but i charge at least twice a day from 50%-85% and no performance decline yet. I use bypass charging for PUBG since 90fps drains twice as fast.

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