What does "Open to launch app" mean in ASUS Cover?

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[ASUS Cover for ZenFone 3]

Note: This feature is only available on ZenFone 3.

When you open the ASUS Cover to check the unread notification, it would automatically launch its corresponding app. For example, if you open the ASUS Cover while checking a WhatsApp notification, then WhatsApp will be launched.

We currently support the application,such as Google Messenger、Gmail、Missed call、WhatsApp、LINE、Facebook、Hangout、FB messenger、BBM、WeChat、Skype、Telegram、hike messenger、Zalo. You can see all supported notifications at Settings > ASUS Cover > Select notifications.

Note: If you use a non-official cover accessory, some functions may not work properly. Check out our official ASUS website to see the latest ASUS official cover accessory.

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