A10 Fota Update

Hey team can you let me know when we all received Android 10 Fota Update on ours devices.

And one thing more if you commitment during launch time that we give 2 major updates so now you why do this type of behavior with us.

Please listen our feedback and release stable fota as soon at our devices Asus Max Pro M1.

And fixed all bugs like sound issue because still A10 beta sound not like Android 9 version so fix it and send fota update and also fix screen brightness issue when I'm set brightness 20% so it not visible in sun light but this type of issue not happen with Android 9 so see it and fixed it.

We Need Fota Update as soon as possible because you committe so Now please complete your commitment as soon.🙏


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    Hey respected team members I'm a Asus user still I'm using a Asus Max Pro M1 device from 1 year and your india CEO say in launching time that we provide 2 major updates on Asus Max Pro M1 device and Asus Max Pro M2 Device but still A10 beta update is now available and stable fota still not released after saying multiple times to your team at zen talk and official facebook twitter site.

    A10 beta contain much much issue and multiple imp features are miss like call recording and timelapse option in camera 📷 app and brightness 🔆 issue and sound through headphones 🎧 is still worst as compared to Android 9 version display brightness 🔆 issue occur and still I'm don't know why your team members which developed Asus Max Pro M1 software are not provide updates of A10 through Fota

    Please 🙏 say to your team that send updates through Fota and fixed these problems as soon as possible.

    Because I'm very frustrated to your software developing team so please say your team that send updates through Fota. As soon.🙏

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    Hi Singh

    Please avoid any overlapping thread or message, which may disturb the mods and the users to solve the issue. Thank you.

    The latest Android 10 beta version for Zenfone Max Pro M1 can be downloaded on ASUS official support website.

    If you have any recommendation or face any issue, please provide your feedback on Asus forum (Link: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/categories/zenfone-max-pro-series-a10_en).  

    Please read the terms and conditions associated with the beta version before updating your Max Pro series model.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. For further updated information related to updates, please stay in tune with our social media channels or visit our Asus support website. 

    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

  • SinghSingh Level 1

    Hey mr what overlapping I'm do 😡 I'm just saying you why your team not send Android 10 Fota Update.

    And one thing more if you not agree my feedback so please don't reply on it.

    Nonsense mod 😡get lost rubbish person.

  • do you know any details at all regarding the device updates .... I dare you to give a time line or eta for stable A10

    I dont even think asus company has any legit developers anymore

    google is already testing the android 12, ANDROID FUCKING 12 and you guys are so incompetent that you dont even have the knowledge to release out a stable android 10... even your (not YOU but the shitty developers you have) updates for android 9 has made the device worse... the great battery backup and SOT has gone to shit after that .087 update on A9

    ask one of your fucking devs if they exist to open up this forum once in a while and get to fucking work on A10

    1 year and they dont have anything to show for it... fucking BETA devs, looks like they are still in school and they just open google and search "HOW TO MAKE A SHITTY ROM AND PISS EVERYONE OFF"

    you waiting for Year 2100 to release the fucking stable update or once the life on earth ends.. is that when you have planned to release the update when no one is left to use it ... is that you want... and probably even then it will have millions of bugs

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