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Auto call recording is switched on on my phone but in android 11 it stop recording in the middle of the call never happened on Android 10. Version.107 (i think it happened when i update an app from the play store during a call)


  • baster1982baster1982 Level 2
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    This bug remains in update .127 when i update an app from playstore in the middle of a call the call recording stop and ends i can't make video screen recording to show you because it stops also when the app is updating. Please fix it

  • How long does it take before the recording ends? So I know how long I need to talk to duplicate your issue

  • baster1982baster1982 Level 2
    edited February 2021

    You can see in the video it happens immediately after i uninstall app or update app in the store.

  • Bug still exists in .132 update

  • And you update your apps all the time during calls? There is probably a reasonable explanation to why it ended when you uninstalled your app. I managed to replicate it only once and after that I could install and uninstall several apps without ending the recording.

    I wouldn't this is an issue that needs to be reported

  • I don't usually update apps when I'm in a call but if i record important call and the store starts to update an app the record will end its not good situation.

    I checked it with two phones zenfone 6 8ram and it happens every time with both of them seems to me it a problem that need to be fix.

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