Low in call bluetooth volume

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I am using max pro m1

android 9

build - PKQ 1. WW-Phone-16.2017.2009.087-20200826

My bluetooth headphone problem.

I am using boat rockerz 235 v2.

It runs fine and loud with all audio except during calls

media volumes are good, video playback, mp3 players, online & offline music apps, you tube, whatsapp calls all are ok, get loud output at max volume,

when i receive or make call through service provider ( normal incoming and out going) volume suddenly is almost half even all sliders in my phone are @ maximum and bluetooth device volume is also maximum. unable hear other person properly if outside.

tried different bluetooth headphones l, tried chaning some settings in developer options like disabling absolute volume but nothing changed.

i did search a lot of places, no luck.

Please help me solving this issue


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