How to use wired android auto without constantly changing the phone

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There is an app called acubattery that allows you to set a charging level so when it reaches the set level it stops charging. So you simply set a level lower than the actual amount of charge your phone has and when you connect to your vehicle to use android auto it will not charge. The only downside is the lowest you can set your charge limit to on the app is 50%, but it's better than nothing.Thanks to the clever developers at acubattery


  • What's the problem with charging your phone? Just set the native charging limit to 80% and charging rate to 10W

  • I have my phone connected to my van all day sometimes ( I am a distribution driver) like when I am doing an area I don't know very well and I don't think it is good for the battery to charge all day. It tends to get to hot and I don't think that's good for the phone itself

  • Lithium likes to be in 20%-80% range, so it does make sense.

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    thanks for your support edddd

    I am only just now coming across to the,,new way of thinking, that lithium batteries like to be in the range that you stated eg between 20&80% OMG I'm.showing my age now. We used to think that the best way to treat your battery was to totally drain it then charge it to 100 % .UNO about batteries having a memory & all that cr&p. But now I am wondering if that was ever the case.

    Either way it seems the consensus seems to be as you say ,for a healthy battery life you should keep it between 20 %90 , 80% even better..

    The only conundrum is that a phone battery,these days,lasts for years and year's ,like 3/5 years plus ( moderate use) but really who keeps their phone for that long , if I haven't sold my z7 on eBay and upgraded to say the ZenFone 8 whitin 18 months something's wrong

    Having said that I don't like to pass on my phone's if I haven't taken due care with them so I don't let my phone fall below 10 to 20% these days then change to 90%

    rgds Roy

  • To my knowledge, Accubattery will only sound an alarm when charging above the set battery level. Trickle charging is least harmful at 50%. I guess the reason why we don't offer this option is because most people don't have their phone connected all the time (and we have to consider most people). It's less harmful to start at 80% if you want to use your phone for 1 day compared to 50% since you will most likely end up with charging your phone from a very low battery level.

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