Snapchat selfies low quality but when the camera isn't flipped it looks fine.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

Model Name: Zenfone 7 pro

Firmware Version:WW_29.14.53.14

Rooted or not: Don't know what this mean so probably not.

Frequency of Occurrence: Always

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Snapchat v11.9.0.51

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


When using snapchat and taking selfies the camera quality is really bad. I guess its because it uses the wide angle lens cropped in for selfies or something like that for energy saving. But when the camera isn't flipped the image looks fine. 

Many friends have commented that i have a truly terrible camera and i think it's bad not just for med but for Asus in general.

I attach two images for you to se the comparison.

Bottom line the quality isn't good enough, its not even close to standard.  


  • Been talked about many, many times. We've asked Asus to give us the option to use the main lens as the front cam for third party apps in an update and include a warning for high temperatures (like they do when 8k is selected in video mode). The request has sadly been ignored.

    Even though there's a way to circumvent it (select rear camera and use the flip toolbar to flip the camera over), it's annoying because your image is of course upside down. Moreover, on the fly live filters that need to detect faces such as those on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger etc, do not work unless you rotate the phone upside down.

    Asus is missing a huge opportunity to satisfy the very users that this phone was designed for.

    It really is a shame if they continue to ignore us.

  • When you think about the marketing and one of the obvious reason for the flip camera it's to have the "Best selfie camera in the world" and then you don't even let the users use it. This should really be stated, its not clear for the customer and it feels a little like false advertisement.

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    Just to let you guys know who finds this i have made a fix at least for snapchat.

    I made a lense on snapchat (that flips the image upsidedown and inverts)

    So you can use the rear camera and you flip it with your controls and it works perfectly.

    Take a snap of this code and you get it in your phone.

  • Well done mate! I don't use SC but I do use IG and FB. Would be good to have a flip filter for those too. But you can't use more than one filter at the same time though.

  • My thought is that when you use funny crazy snapchat filter the camera quality is less important. But also, i can just make more funny ar filters that are flipped. I havnt yet looked at the possibility to make filters for other apps.

  • Give us a choice how to use camera please! Make option like bootloader unlocked.

  • It leads me to wonder if Asus did the same thing with the Zenfone 6. I would think they did and if so, unlikely to change considering that they didn't for the Zenfone 7.

  • Exactly its probably a well known problem for Asus from previous models and this is sadly the best solution they can come up with.

    Just murder the quality and we can uphold battery life and no risk for overheating.

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