Do you experience heavy frame drops while recording pubg or any other game.

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I just received my phone from service center, it's motherboard was replaced because, when I used to play pubg I used to get heavy frame drops all the time like 30-40 fps would be the average fps.

After repair, I know do notice some frame drops but not like earlier. But when I start recording it's like phone can't just handle it. There are very heavy frame drops.

So it is my humble request if you guys can share video recording of your game playing in HDR Extreme. If your phone doesn't experience frame drops in game then there's an issue with my device.

Using your video I'll be able to explain situation to service center guys better. My warranty is expiring within a few days, so if there's an issue I can get an repair without any additional cost.



  • Hi akhilj66,

    Its always recommended to visit service center as your phone was recently serviced.

    It would be better to get it fixed now rather than waiting.

    Kindly visit the nearest service center:

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    I did went to service center, they replaced the motherboard but the issue is still there, so I am trying to escalate the issue to get my unit entirely replaced.

    My Service Center visit summary:

    First Time (August 2020): Phone not charging anymore.

    Conclusion: Motherboard Replaced but the back panel was loose and camera lens had dust in it.

    Second Time (October 2020): To get that back panel fixed and clean the camera lens.

    Conclusion: Above issue fixed. Now the power button is flushed with the frame.

    Third Time (October 2020): To get that stuck power fixed.

    Conclusion: Entire screen with frame changed. Now the RGB light is not working.

    Fourth Time (October 2020): To get that RGB light fixed.

    Conclusion: RGB light fixed.

    Fifth Time (January 2021): Heavy Frame Drop in every game, frames would go down to 20-30 fps.

    Conclusion: Motherboard Replaced, Issue still persists.

    Second, Third and Fourth time were the issues induced by the service center guy or poor service.

    So, you would understand my frustration why I'd like a replacement. Also to my surprise, after the Fifth visit my IMEI number changed, service center guy told me it's because motherboard was changed but in the First visit when motherboard was replaced, IMEI wasn't changed. So, clearly service guys lied to me.

    So, if you can help me in getting a replacement, I would be very much thankful.

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