Asus Zenbook UX434 output to multiple displays and battery warning

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I recently bought a new monitor in hopes of having two external monitors and my laptop, however, I was disappointed to find out the USB-C plug does not support display output at all... I borrowed a friend's Dell WD19 Docking Station to see if it would work, however, it still didn't. Has anyone had any luck using a Docking Station for this computer/USB-C or any other suggestions on how to get another external monitor running? I would appreciate some cheaper reliable options as I'm not looking to spend much but would consider it if someone has had a really great experience with a product.

Lastly, I have been having so much trouble with my Battery. Although my Laptop is not even 6 months old yet, it can't hold a charge (not even with screen brightness completely down and battery saver on) for over 3 hours... I ran a battery test and it is saying it's healthy but I am finding no reason for it to be draining so fast.

Any help/advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Hello kathrynn,

    For you battery issue, may you help to check of your BIOS and Windows update have all been updated and completed?

    Thank you.

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