Dual band wifi and battery life or death

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I just discovered that my new ZenFone 7 has dual band wifi capabilities and I am really impressed in the speed difference but , does it drain the battery faster? And does it affect the life of the battery.? I have come back to zenfones after a brief dalliance with the pixel 5 which has an incredible battery life but that's about all it has going for it,I am just glad that I came to my senses before the phone devaluated to much ( I lost$200 au) but I am glad I sold it . I hate charging phones thus the question?????? I would love to hear your thoughts


  • I don't have any numbers but battery consumption should be somewhat bigger with dual band active. How much depends on the amount of traffic passing through but I don't believe you're going to notice any major difference in overall battery usage.

  • Thanks for your response Anders.

    I have been experimenting and I do agree that it does use more power but it is really not enough to worry about especially when you compare the speed difference.

    I must say that I don't really use my phone much as a search engine once I get home from work but I have been during this tiny experiment and I think that, for me, it's just great. It loads and changes pages so much faster it's really quite cool.

    You really notice the difference when you have a dozen or so app updates,it just cuts through them so fast it's great.

    RGDS Roy

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