Resale Value

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Model Name: ROG

FirmwareVersion: Latest

Rootedor not: No.

Why ROG 2 resale value is too less, it's only 20% of its original value. On the other hand similar specs android phones resale value is higher than this.


  • Hi,

    The resale value depends on the platform where you are trying to resale.

  • Yeah. In flipkart exchange it's drastically low price. In OLX arround 50% price. I have tried to sell to buy new ROG but 1 month has passed no buyer approached me to buy a rog 2. And when I sold one plus 7 in previous day's within a week it sold. And arround 200+ buyers approached me to buy. (Being in a metropolitan city) don't know why people don't give a shit about ROG old phones.

  • KanuKanu Level 2

    Gaming phones are of a niche category and not a lot of people want those. Most just want a good stable phone which clicks good pictures and has decent battery. Rog is more for enthusiasts who look and value the features provided. So it'll be hard to sell it.

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