Can I get notified of my tasks from my Home screen?

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Yes, you can get task notifications right from your Home screen by enabling pop-up notifications in Do It Later’s settings.

To enable pop-up notifications:

  1. From Do It Later screen, tap image > Settings.
  2. Under Reminder settings, check Pop-up notifications.


    Note: If you want to set a snooze time, tap Default snooze time then select a time from the list.

  3. Tap image on the upper-right corner of the screen to go back to the main screen.
  4. When creating a task, set the date and time to remind you of the task. Under Reminder option, tap image to assign a date then tap image beside it to assign a time.



  5. Tap image to save task.

The pop-up notification of the tasks will be displayed on your Home screen on the date and time that you set.


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