Bottor usb port is not working

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: rog phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: latest as of jan 2021
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: since 2 days
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


The bottom port is not working now to charge or connect usb dongle for audio.

When comnected to the original charger it says analog audio device detected and doesnt charge my phone it.showed the message for a.few.times.and now neither it shows the message nor the charging works. The side port is working fine. I dont want to give my phone to someone to repair if its a hardware problem i want.replacement cause its the 2nd time i got problem with this phone releted to charging first it was the software bug now i dont know what it is?


  • Are you using the original charger as well as the original USB-C cable provided in the box?

  • Yes i am using the original charger and usb which was included in the box and it happened before around 2 months prior its not the charger which is not working its the device i want replacement of my device with a new one because its not even a single that i have used this phone without any problems first it was the display it still has huge black crush issue then the bug which prevent me from using the original charger to charge this phone then this mic is always distorts my voice while calling then th netflix is not available in hd now againg some problem with the phones bottom port

  • Tell me will i get a replacement piece if i went to service center

  • This is something you will have to ask the people at the service center.

    As for the issue at hand, I'd very much like to collect a device log from you, if you're up for it. I'll send you instructions via PM.

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