When is Australia (Vodafone) getting VoLTE support?

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When will ASUS be adding VoLTE and WIFI Calling support for major Australian Telcos such as Vodafone/Telstra/Optus?

VoLTE is a standard feature of every other flagship phone of a similar price point. All major Australian Telcos support VoLTE and it's entirely up to ASUS to add support via firmware update.

Can you please provide an ETA to we Australians as to when we can expect such a basic feature to be added?

The 3G network is being switched off in Australia in the near future and the ROG Phone 3 will become unusable when this happens as it currently uses 3g for voice calls.


  • I second this, VOLTE on Telstra and Vodafone Australia would be a great update, as the phone is sold in a few different brick and mortar stores and local Australian stockists

    5g would be nice too :)

  • The phone has been sold in major retailers (Harvey Norman/JB HIFI) since September and still no VoLTE support is absurd. Basically every other major flagship phone has VoLTE support out of the box.

  • Even cheap $200~ phones from Woolworths and Coles have VoLTE, it's really absurd that a $1400 phone does not :v.

    @Christine_ASUS @ARP_ASUS please give a little love to your Australian users!

  • Asus doesn't care about VoLTE for we Australians even though they launched their phone in major retailers in Australia.

    Even cheap phones have volte support but Asus is too lazy to do a little bit of work make it function for major Telcos here. They do it for random countries like Lithuania and Malaysia but not for big country like Australia.

    I contacted ASUS support and they give me this pathetic response:


    Please be advised that this feedback has been noted, however at this stage there is no available date for these supporting carriers technological features such as VoLTE and WIFI Calling for the Rog Phone 3 as per the raised query.

    If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Thank you,



  • ASUS just contacted me to clarify their stance on Australian VOLTE/WIFI Calling.

    From Asus email:

    "Yes, VoLTE and Wifi Calling for Australian Telcos Telstra/Vodafone/Optus is being considered for future implementation, however there is no available available date or ETA at this moment when this will be possible. "

  • That's inline with the ASUS comment so far. Will be considered for future phones. They've long since moved on from this phone, 6 months after release. Really haven't seen any issues on here fixed, via update, since i've owned the phone.

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