What is Page Marker and how does it differ from the Bookmark feature of my browser?

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Page Marker is a Chrome-friendly tool that allows you to download complete webpages and read them later anytime, even if you're offline. However ,even you can save webpages in any browser with the Bookmark feature, you can't open the save webpages when you're offline.

Page Marker also allows you to backup all webpages that your saved in your Google Drive account and read them on different devices such as PC or mobile devices.

To download a webpage:

  1. Launch Google Chrome > Tap the Page Marker floating button.

  2. Tap Download to save the webpage you are browsing.

To view/read webpages that I download:

  1. From the Page Marker menu, tap Page Marker.



  2. Tap the article to open it in offline view to read.

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