Phone shutdown while playing PUBG

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My phone shuts down while charging as well and while playing pubg too. My ROG 2 is out of warranty. As a work around I found that removing the Pubg from game genie solves the issue but airtriggers are not working as I have removed it from game genie. I think the problem may be due to game genie or airtrigger. Can the moderators please pass the info to the development team? Thank you.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. I think it may be related to hardware as well. so the phone shutdown doesn't happen on any other game?

    Can you try factory reset once, also please mention your phone's current software version.

  • No, I tried COD also it doesn't happen there. I am using the latest software version WW_17.0240.2012.65. I already tried resetting and downgrading the software version.

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