Android 10 Stable Fota

Hey Asus Team,

Please let me know clearly when we all get Stable Android 10 Fota update on ours devices because no one companies in this word which release 5 beta for entry level smartphone, so please send updates via fota through as soon as possible and now please don't release any AOSP update for Android 10 because you already released many AOSP update which is not fully stable...

means some bugs for different different users like.

1. battery drain issue approx 10% at night time.

2. headphone sound bass not as like Android 9 version.

3. speaker sound is crack in some conditions and not give good output like when we use whatsapp call so some time call sound is noise and cracky this bug I'm noticing after resetting my device.

4. Sound problem I'm facing Too much and now I'm 100% surely comment that Android 10 sound is not as like Android 9 after releasing 5 AOSP update what you doing I'm don't know but please fixed these issues as soon as possible.

And don't release any AOSP update in future Now we need only stable update through Fota.

🙏 Thanks.


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