Lost Side rubber tip

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Hi, I am using Asus Rog Phone 3 8gb 128 gb varient. I lost my side usb port rubber cap. How can I get this new cap online?


  • check the box, ive got the 12gb 512gb variant and it came with 3 spares, if not you can get them from aliexpress for $7~~usd

    search for rog phone 3 side


  • The long rubber cover can be found in AliExpress or so(most of them are ROG 2 covers - guess it similar to the ROG 3 ones), but I couldn't find the short one, don't know which one @Rikki has lost, but I am looking for the short one, anyone have any idea where I could find those?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    ASUS doesn't sell the same online.

    You can check inbox if you got some additional spare ones.

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