unstable performance



  • Well,they aren't doing it,and since almost noone can predict what the other is using,the security bots are too dumb to notice

    Besides,I'm not the only one who knows this "trick",I can assure you that a lot of people have done this,but most people getting banned,do obvious changes like aimbot or no grass or even lower recoil,and thus I would be really happy if the pubg Devs made some kind of file sign in or reset,cleaner and more fair servers are welcome you know

    So yeah,if one is careful,one can change the fps values without any problem,and if temptation is controlled and one doesn't change the values of anything else,there won't be any banning atleast for the coming updates

  • It's not an argument.

    Saying it doesnt happen now isn't any reason to tell people to do without letting them know this is bannable. If you invest a lot of money or time to get certain ranks or items in any game and then get you banned that would be quite sad.

    As mentioned if they do the file sign method which I believe they will do at least at some point, you will get perm ban without any chance of getting unbanned.

  • That I have to agree,and even I have spend 3 years on this game,it will be a loss of time not money

    Not a good idea to invest money on a game like this tho,but whatever people choose,if they want to take risk they can,but sooner or later something will go wrong and boom banned for either 7 days to 10 years

  • as far as I know those types of bans are permanent, and yes thats exacly why i mention how to do it but disclaimer that it can go horribly wrong with a ban.

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