[5z] Noticed Difference in focus between pro mode & Auto mode for Close shots,Need adjustmensts.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ZS620KL
  2. Firmware Version: (Android 10)
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Stock Camera app (pro mode) Version []

New bug found in .110 in 5z

Manual focus is not adjusted properly via software in pro mode so it is hard to get clear macro shots check screen recorded video below,👇 there is difference between focus in pro mode & Auto mode👇👇

Always have to tap (Auto) to focus clearly for close shots as shown in video

Tried every possible way clearing cache,storage,reset to default settings & safe mode problem exists everywhere also i have 2 5z's and both have same problem so i can confirm it is a bug & i hope this bug will be fixed in coming FOTA

There is no problem with Autofocus🙂 @Christine_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS



  • Even i am facing this. This needs rectification along with battery backup improvement in upcoming update.

  • Hi friends

    I will check with the relevant team of ZS620KL Auto Focus in 6+ cm and Manual Focus in 10+ cm. However, I assess that it is a normal behavior because (1) the standard of the nearest focus distance is normally up to 10-15 cm (2) all the Android 10 version ZS620KL have this behavior.

    I will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • for me AF or MF both are disabled in my 5z but GCam able to focus with wideangle camera also its an software issue

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    In your case did you try clearing cache & storage of camera if not follow this 👇

    Settings>apps & notifications>camera>storage>clear data/clear cache.

    also try to check your autofocus by doing SIMMI test👇

    Open calculator> type .12345+= > camera test you desire

    Now see if camera retains its focus if still it does not than only factory data reset will help in your case.

    Note:- please dont forget to backup your important data before you factory data reset


  • sorry i have tried everything nothing works. please read post before giving suggestions. only factory reset seriously? With GCam wide angle as well as Main is able to focus its more to do with Asus camera application i not getting pro mode with other applications that's why it needs to be fixed.

  • If you are not facing any problem with GCam but only with camera application than that means any third party app may be triggering this and for that you have to try reset to default settings from camera app settings and see if it starts to work again if not you have to follow this step👇

    M sure it may start to work again there is nothing wrong with software i Am on latest .110 and i have no issues since i have updated


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your response. i was using Gcam because Asus Default camera application was not able focus in wide angle as well as in pro mode as AF option is disabled i don't know how.

    I have tried resetting Asus Default camera application by clear access, clear cash , clear storage. i have also tried SIMMI test for wide angle camera it does not focus after that i installed Gcam to cross verify has camera has gone bad but it's not the case Gcam application was able to focus in wide angle so i tried Open camera from play store that was also able to focus in wide angle.

    after all this i tried to boot in safe mode and check but in safe mode im getting same response it does not focus in wide angle. i have completed factory reset as well as hard reset through recovery mode nothing has sorted the issue.

    as per all this i can only say it is something to do with software rather than hardware because if hardware gone bad the same issue should have reflected in other applications.

    can i any how flash Asus original firmware? or can i get Asus Camera Application .apk file so i can overwrite it? please let me know.

    Thank you

  • Thats strange.... I think you should take your device to nearest service centre as early as possible to examine your 5z and they will surely help on this if its software or hardware

    About ASUS Camera apk... This is latest apk 5z has with (Android 10) Zenui 6👇

    Please try to overwrite as you are saying and see if this helps.


  • Thank for your quick response. i will try overwriting apk first

  • it's saying app not installed after trying install application i have root phone to side load application which i don't want to do it and latest version of Asus PixelMaster is 6.0 something which is not available 5z? do you know why?

    Thank you

  • I think those version belongs to 6z & beyond models with its unique flip camera features in those versions. That may be the reason those are not supported to 5z.

  • I have tried few application from play store like Manual camera, Camera FV-5 , DSLR Pro in these application Camera is working much better. I mean able to focus in wide angle and I can do Manual focus in it. im now sure it is an software or firmware issue. how can i flash latest firmware again without rooting it. I think it might solve it. if you know please help i want to avoid service center and thanks a lot for your quick response

  • See if this helps

    there are also lot of articles and videos on internet please do some reaserch that will help you as well


  • Yes im doing research found about ADB sideload.

  • The wide angle camera in 5z is fixed focus. Only main camera supports auto focus. Wide angle and selfie cameras are fixed focus cameras and have no focussing ability whatsoever. Other applications like GCam give you the illusion of focussing on their UI as they are not built for this device but in reality for wide angle and selfie cameras the focus can never be changed its a hardware limitation. So only for main camera there maybe the software focus issue now.

  • According to @ranesanket90 his wide angle camera is not even at fixed focus and its all blur so i think he should follow above suggested steps to see if atleast camera gets fixed focus rather than blur coz If Gcam can show you scene clearly with fixed focus on app start than i think default camera app also should be able to show you atleast a clear view with fixed focus whenever turned ON.

  • Dear Customer

    After checking, the rear cameras, wide-angled camera and tele camera, of ZS620KL have the focal length of 10cm+, which is set for the range of the manual focus in Pro Mode. Thank you.

  • Ohh.... I C thanksalot for quicker update, i request some camera tunning would be done with next FOTA with color,contrasts,saturation etc 5z has really capable sony sensor for day as well as night photography would be much appreciated if 5z gets dedicated night mode 😁


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