Does Rog 2 support VoWi-Fi on Airtel

asaniket03asaniket03 Level 2
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Does Rog 2 support VoWi-Fi on Airtel??

If yes how to enable?


  • Hey not yet. Currently Reliance JIO is supported.

    Been working with Airtel for the same.

  • ImShreyImShrey Level 3
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    Been waity since last 6 months now. I don't know what's the fuzz, cheaper asus devices has support for the same. Its just that asus could cut deal with airtel and we won't see woWIFI on RoG 2 ever during its life cycle. Just vague postponing game.

    Unacceptable. Its not even a feature just a fundamental functionality that's missing since a year now. Terrible UX.

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