Asus zenfone 6 (6z) android 11 update India

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As the stable version of android 11 is already released in US and TW before new year itself. Anyone has any idea when should we expect the ota update here in India.

@Anders_ASUS ?? 



  • May be this week... waiting waiting

  • That's all what we can do unfortunately. Please asus make it quick we also want android 11 quick here

  • Usually we get the update as soon as they announce,if they are taking timemay be there is a problem with google pay or something,

  • Possible, let's seee...

  • @Anders_ASUS any idea ?

  • NFC is working in other versions as well. So it's not an NFC issue or Google pay issue.

    Let's see when we'll be able to experience the A11 because honestly in my opinion and as per Android it's not recommended to install the OTA through some manual action via external links.

  • I do agree n also won't recommend doing that, bcuz there might be language issues in the future as the update is not meant for India, let's wait, expecting it in some days..

  • The only thing I'm waiting for in the update in the improvement in camera software

  • Lets c when the update comes....modular updates are in later stages. 😂😂😂

  • Guys android 11 india is rolling out in batches so hurray

  • I haven't recieved's been 3 hours and not recieved anything

  • First inter country batch and now intra country batch too😡😡😡

  • I got the update on jauary 4 and felt no issues so far

  • I guess I only have option to keep on waiting...waiting...n waiting....n be patient 😅😅

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