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When will asus release android 11 for ROG phone 2?

Should we expect an update for the same or not?

seeing condition of asus max pro series and company track records.


  • Hi,

    There is no confirmed timeline to share yet. Stay tuned for more info on this.

  • Feels bad man. Zenfone6 already has Android 11 stable released, while ROG Phone II doesn't even have Beta program.

  • They are still evaluating A11 for ROG 2 it will mostly take time and decided only after zenfone 7/7pro & RoG 3 A11 stable.

    Stay tuned!

  • Just Upgrade guys if you can , there is no scope fr expectations

  • VampVamp Level 3

    ROG 3 getting android 11 beta enroll section in system update now...

    Mods Any update on timeline for ROG 2.

  • ImShreyImShrey Level 3
    edited January 2021

    Rog 2 won't get android 11,

    As @Anders_ASUS and @ARP_ASUS said, "nothing planned" means they won't update. Decisions like these are made well before AOSP release not this late.

    For asus, RoG series is not Flagship, Zenfone series is, hence, only 1yr updates.

    Same thing happened to RoG 1, it's still stuck on Android 9.

  • VampVamp Level 3

    I mean if they did not plan to release atleast two major updates for their more costlier devices then I don't see Asus surviving 2-3 years from now in mobile market.

    After RoG 2 practically their sales decreased hugely for RoG 3 and companies like OnePlus are promising 3 years of support with 3 major updates now... It does not make sense to buy something for just hardware (and even hardware is mostly so so at best looks good on spec sheet but won't last 2 years because it does not have descent quality) and a year after a year or so company be like f**k you, you device is not eligible for next android because our dev need more nap times. And Asus don't even get started on things like it's a gaming phone and we invested a lot on RnD and special software so it's not possible to keep supporting a device for long (which investments are translated into device price so they take our money and say "we invested").

    Next time please tell customer that don't buy this phone if you wanna keep up with the latest software and also please tell how long you are going to support a device.

    I mean they only release 3 devices (Rog and zenfone(pro)) per year, even less than Apple, Doesn't look that hard managing 6 devices a year.

  • You guys are talking about A11 great;) well here after updating to latest firmware A10 my game keep crashing black scryee and then phone switch off or sometime restart itself.. it's gaming phone and u can't play games in that great :)

  • Moreover ghost touch after update delay in touch movement sometimes its working by its own...

  • Asus needs to look into the mirror now. "Will I get 2nd android update?" Should not be even be discussed for high-end phones. Plus triggers logo and all that stuff have libraries made can just easily be ported new Android versions its just matter of making new build using existing code. They are just making it look tough to buy themselves some time.

  • How much time is needed to confirm the verdict? We have been waiting since forever now. Its high-end device we should not be wasting time discussing this stuff.


  • I really hope the fate of ROG2 is not like ROG1, waiting a year for an answer only for them to be told they wont get A10.

    £900 I spent on this phone. Big regret.

  • rickymohkrickymohk Level 2
    edited January 2021

    All I want is just to use third party launcher with gesture navigation :( Seen Zenfone 6 got this in A11 upgrade. Hope my ROG2 get this as well.

  • From my replies with mods.

    I am doubtful we will get A11 and that sadly ROG 2 will havea similar fate as ROG 1

  • even my 3 years old S8 gets an update. Asus definitely worst mobile maker

  • Bc saab chutiya bana rhe hai ghnta inn se A10 toh stable hoa nhi A11 toh bhoot dooor ki baat hai.A11 mei toh phone ki halat hogi tata bye bye saab khtm.

    Jaab A10 stable nhi hora tumm se tum A9 pe hi work krlo new android se kuch jada farak pdta nhi hai buss hawa wali baat hai ki A10 hai mere phone mei kaam toh wahi krta hai game khelne ke liye. Nhi chahiye update tum. A9 pe hi work krlo wahi badi baat hai @Anders_ASUS @Kris @ARP  

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