Sim not working

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I have straight talk and my phone wont connect to the network. I've tried restarting and resetting the phone. any advice will help.


  • @Titan_ASUS I need help

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Can you please provide screen recorder for better understanding .

    Do you have dual sim ? If yes then in which sim do you have problem try swapping sims . Dual 4g is on .

    If no then check if apn setting are correct , sim bands are supported by device or not . And make sure network selection is on automatic . Try changing network preference .

    Do your sim show out of service or not available?

    Sometimes apn ain't set automatically so try searching on google for best apn setting for your network .

    Check if other company sim work .if yes then reach the company of which it's not working .

    If no then something is wrong with device only mods and asus can help.

    Thank you

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