What mouse can I use?

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Now I'm using asus rog phone3, mobile desktop dock and Logitech M110Silent for CODMobile. However, smooth aim is not possible because the tracking performance of the mouse is low. Each mouse manufacturer has its own built-in sensor technology and doesn't know if it can be used for a mobile desktop dock, so which sensors can be used? What resolutions and polling rates are able? I would like you to tell me. For those who do not regret buying, I would like you to put a corresponding list of mouse and keyboard on the official homepage

Logicool M110 Silent△

Logicool G403☓


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    This is the wrong Rog Phone forum. This is for ROG Phone II.

    But, all mice perform the same on Android. Android just has awful mouse support and has horrible latency with them.

    I can use a wired one or bluetooth one and they all feel the same. Even on my Pixel 2 XL and Nvidia SHIELD Tablet, the mouse movement is the same.

  • im sorry.  This issue has been resolved by sensitivity adjustment.

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